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Design grows out of natural curiosity.

Skills can be developed through play.

Technologies are tools that extend human capabilities.

Confidence develops through the process of self-discovery.

Strong communities are the result of being connected to family and community and working together towards common goals.

Effective collaboration relies on clear, respectful communication.

Everything we learn helps us develop skills.

Communities include many different roles requiring many different skills.

Learning is a lifelong enterprise.

Language and story can be a source of creativity and joy.

Stories and other texts help us learn about ourselves and our families.

Stories and other texts can be shared through pictures and words. 

Everyone has a unique story to share.

Through listening and speaking, we connect with others and share our world.

Playing with language helps us discover how language works.

Curiosity and wonder lead us to new discoveries about ourselves and the world around us.

Numbers to 20 represent quantities that can be decomposed into 10s and 1s.

Addition and subtraction with numbers to 10 can be modelled concretely, pictorially, and symbolically to develop computational fluency.

Repeating elements in patterns can be identified.

Objects and shapes have attributes that can be described, measured, and compared.

Concrete graphs help us to compare and interpret data and show one-to-one correspondence.

Daily physical activity helps us develop movement skills and physical literacy, and is an important part of healthy living.

Learning about ourselves and others helps us develop a positive attitude and caring behaviours, which helps us build healthy relationships.

Knowing about our bodies and making healthy choices helps us look after ourselves.

Good health comprises physical, mental and emotional well-being.

We shape the local environment and the local environment shapes who we are and how we live.

Our rights, responsibilities are important for building strong communities.

Healthy communities recognize and respect the diversity of individuals and care for the local environment.

Living things have features and behaviours that help them survive in their environment.

Matter is useful because of its properties.

Light and sound can be produced and their properties can be changed.

Observable patterns and cycles occur in the local sky and landscape.

People create art to express who they are as individuals and community.

Engagement in the arts creates opportunities for inquiry through purposeful play.

Dance, drama, music and visual arts express meaning in unique ways.

People connect to others and share ideas through the arts.