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Grade 4 Field Studies

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Field Study - Forest

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Students venture through the Cheakamus Centre’s extensive trail networks to experience the biodiversity of the coastal temperate rainforest through hands-on sensory awareness activities. These activities increase the ability to observe and be present in nature, emphasize getting to know local species and their habitats, and inspire local action and stewardship. In addition to learning about the interconnectedness of the plant and animal species, students will also explore human interactions with the forest environment, and the important role they play in our lives.


Field Study - Farm

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In the Farm Field Study students will use their sense of touch, hearing, smelling and seeing as they participate in this Farm Field study. Our goal is to sense and respond to our environment as we learn about the animals on the farm and as we learn about some of their sensational senses.  As you visit the animals, students will observe and interact with the animals while they learn about how the senses of these animals compare to our senses.

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Field Study - Birds

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In this field study, students explore the ways that birds sense and respond to their environment. Students will examine the structures and functions of the body parts associated with each of the five senses. They will also investigate how birds respond to changes in their habitat. Students will explore the Indigenous worldview with respect to the symbolism for many of the common birds we will study as will as the recognition of the interconnectedness of all things and the responsibility to care for them Students will also go into the field and make observations of birds, using their own senses to see and hear the birds around them.


Field Study - Pond

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In this field study, students will participate in a bioblitz, an event that focusses on finding and identifying as many organisms as possible within a certain time frame. First, students will explore a pond ecosystem and search for interesting organisms. Next, students will use a Pond ID Card to identify which organisms are in the pond. Then, each student will select an organism to study and ask questions that can be answered through observation alone. They ask simple questions about the organism’s obvious structures, then move onto questions about organism’s behavior, habitat and relationships to other organisms. Students share out with partners and then the whole group how pond organisms sense and respond to their environment (Reference: Beetles). Finally, students participate in citizen science by sharing their data with other field study groups.