Welcome to the NVSD44 Curriculum Hub!

The Curriculum Hub is designed to support teachers in implementing the new curriculum. The idea behind  the Hub is to have a one stop shop where teachers can access current research, tools and examples of planners, assessment  and support materials to  successfully implement the new  curriculum. The planners and their foundational principles are deeply connected to the UbD model of Wiggins and McTighe. Whether you are looking for a big idea for a combined class, a pre made unit or some assessment ideas, the Hub is a great place to start.

The purpose of this site is to…

  • engage students and teachers with the new curriculum
  • explore the possibilities of new units
  • elaborate and enhance present units
  • assist in embracing the curricular changes upon us

This site is for you, if you want to…

  • create your own unit and need some inspiration
  • use an already created unit as a spring board to your own innovative unit
  • use part of a readymade unit and integrate your own lessons
  • find a big idea that fits the lessons you already use.

You can also explore the many aspects of the site to see units…

  • with new curriculum content
  • that embody innovative approaches to teaching and learning
  • that are searchable by Big Ideas, Curricular Competencies and Core Competencies
  • with grade appropriate materials and resources

Throughout the NVSD Curriculum Hub teachers will find many new fully developed units and lessons created by curriculum leaders in NVSD.

All the units are ready to use and downloadable. Feel free to adapt the units to suit your classroom needs.